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Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on November 28, 2009

What does a writer have to be thankful for in these days of shrinking lists, cut print runs, lower advances, and fewer markets? If we stop to think about it, I’m sure we can come up with several items. So here’s my list. I am grateful for:

  • My fans, first and foremost. I write stories to please you, to sweep you into my worlds, to offer you an escape from daily toil. Your feedback gives me the encouragement to keep writing despite the highs and lows of the publishing business. Your feedback shows me what you respond to in my writing and my blogs. Your feedback lifts my spirits.
  • My writing talent. I am grateful that I have been gifted with storytelling ability, that I can lose myself in imaginary worlds, and envision scenes in my head with people I’ve created. The drive to write cannot be taught. Writing craft can be learned, but the urge that makes a writer pick up a pen or sit at a keyboard comes from the heart.
  • A love of reading fiction. I can look at printed words on the page and soar into the zone where a story unfolds. It’s such a glorious feeling that I feel bad for people who read non-fiction and don’t understand what they’re missing. Not everyone has this ability. Consider it a gift, too.
  • The publishers who have accepted my work so that I could share my stories with you. So thanks to Dorchester, Kensington, and The Wild Rose Press. SILVER SERENADE will be my fifteenth published book.
  • My husband whose support has allowed me to pursue this career. He helps with the errands, often with the cooking, and this frees my time to write. He drives me to signings and other events. He listens to me whine. I realize not all spouses are this supportive or generous, and I am grateful for our 33 years together.
  • My kids who give out my bookmarks to their co-workers.

What are you, my fellow writers, grateful for today?


12 Responses to “A WRITER’S THANKS”

  1. Wonderful post, Nancy. I’m grateful for friends like you and the rest of our critique group for keeping me writing through the rejections, always encouraging me and helping me maintain my confidence, offering invaluable advice and cheering my successes!

  2. Oh yes, thank you for mentioning critique group. I couldn’t get anywhere in this career without you guys.

  3. I’m thankful that there’s so many more venues to which we can sell our work. More people can read also, than ever before.

  4. Great books to read, and great friends in other author’s is very high on the list.

  5. Barb, you’re right in that many more small presses are offering opportunities for publishing.
    Mary, you’ve reminded me about all my friends in FRW, plus MWA, SinC, CFRW, SWFRW, and other writers groups. To my writer pals: Thanks for your wisdom, friendship, and encouragement.
    And To my agent: Thanks for having faith in me.

  6. Rosemary said

    What a terrific post. You’ve covered just about everything, but I would add that (most of the time) this is a fun job and we get to meet and hang out with lots of interesting people – some famous, some less famous – who are for the most part very helpful and generous with their time and expertise. It’s a very supportive community.

  7. That’s true, Rosemary. We get to meet some neat people in this business.

  8. I know others have said it, but my critique partners are invaluable. They’ve stopped me from quitting twice.

  9. Denise said

    Wonderful post, thanks for reminding me that I have even more
    to be thankful for.

  10. Joann Breslin said

    I’m grateful that I have a loving sister and family and that I am in good health.


  11. Joann Breslin said

    I am very grateful to have a loving sister and family; I am also grateful to be in good health.


  12. In my writing life, I’m grateful for my critique partners, and members of my writing groups who have helped me so much. In my regular life, I’m grateful for my husband and my two beautiful daughters.

    Jana Richards

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