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Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on January 7, 2010

A recent article ( implies Angels are the next great thing in publishing. After vampires and werewolves come zombies, but zombies play better as evil beings. Hence the next bad boy hero: an angel who’s done something so bad he gets kicked out of heaven. What could be more appealing as a romantic hero than a man with a sullied reputation who seeks redemption? He’s dangerous, driven, and supernatural. Only the power of our heroine’s love can save him. Consider this theme as another variation on the Beauty and the Beast archetype. The alpha hero rules again, only this time he’s bigger than life, bad, and yet yearning for a second chance. Get ready: A new flood of fallen angel stories are about to descend into our literary arms.



The Fallen Angel can also be a villain, like in the Cotten Stone thrillers by Joe Moore and Lynn Sholes. ( More fallen angels will be showing up in theaters and books as the trend takes off.

Who decides these trends? Is it based on reader demand? Popular movies? Do editors decide what’s coming next? Or do authors take up the slack and start submitting a slew of stories with this theme? They will now, once the pronouncement about the Next Best Thing in Publishing makes the rounds. If you were tired of vampires before, prepare for an onslaught of angels. But wait….they don’t all have to feature dark heroes. We can have comedic ones who are sent to Earth with a mission. Well-meaning guardian angels. Angels who have screwed up but are good at heart, who’ve been returned to life to make up for their mistakes. Better reserve that pair of wings for Halloween already.

What’s next? I’m waiting for a surge of mythological super beings. You know, the ancient gods from Greek, Roman, and Norse legends. My paranormal romance series is based on Norse mythology. Any publishers out there listening?

Today it’s vampires. Tomorrow, it’s angels. What’s next?

Do YOU believe in angels? If so, which kind: Guardian, Fallen, or the Heavenly halo type?



  1. The angel theme isn’t really new, as they were popular for a couple of years back in the mid-nineties or so. Let’s see if they catch on with more enthusiasm this time.

    An example of a really zaney angel story is Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel. Talk about the best of intentions going awry! This hapless angel is sent to earth to help a few people at Christmastime and ends up nearly destroying an entire town. He’s even responsible for creating blood-thirsty zoombies! Bit of a cross-genre theme there, lol.

  2. BNickerson said

    As a Christian I believe in Angels–both fallen that are now referred to as “demons” and the ones that still serve on High. Humans do not turn into “angels” after they die, which angels, which is a common literary fallacy. Angels are a separate creation from people, mere servants of the living God. They can’t be redeemed, which is another literary fallacy. Those that left their “proper abode” only have judgement awaiting them, according to Jude verse 6. (Because they’ve seen the living God Angels don’t have to have faith, which makes those that willfully rebelled against Him beyond salvation.) Human souls have the opportunity for redemption through Jesus death, but He didn’t die for angels. The Bible says they are “sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation,” {according to Hebrews 1:2]
    Therefore, I could neither read nor write anything that misreprsents them–particularly lust or romance with a human. Angels that still serve would never do such a thing. My sense of reality precludes such stories. I could only tolerate a story might reflect the on-going war for human souls between the good and bad angels, such as Frank Peretti did.

  3. A certain amount of creative license is allowed with the use of any supernatural element in fiction. As a writer, the important thing is to make your fictional world consistent. Since there are probably as many interpretations as there are belief systems, it’s up to the author what aspects to depict. This is, after all, fiction. Personally, I believe there may be guardian angels. But I still read stories about angels depicted in other ways because I know they’re just that…stories. And I can also acknowledge that what I believe may not be the ultimate truth. It doesn’t really matter, because it’s all about appreciating a good work of fiction whatever the paranormal slant.

  4. Silke said

    Considering I write about them… I’m happy to hear it. 🙂
    Hopefully it means the novel I’m peddling with an agent right now has the potential to be picked up.
    (It’s been tricky, I have to admit.)
    My fellow critters tell me “OMG this should so be published!” to which I tend to reply “I haven’t even had a nibble.”
    So if Angels are popular… then my guys, who aren’t complete angels in any sense of the word, might yet find a home. 🙂
    But as for trends…
    I’m seeing more and more Steampunk. Maybe Steampunk is to Urban Fantasy, what Angels are to Vampires?

  5. Joe Moore said

    Thanks for the mention, Nancy.

  6. Joe, you’re welcome. Your series deserves more attention and would make great movies. Silke, I’d thought steampunk was the next best thing but now I’m hearing about mash ups. More on that next blog. Re angels, I see a film called Legion is coming out about a vengeful God who sends an army of angels against humanity. A good angel joins a band of humans to fight back.

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