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Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on February 12, 2010

What should writers bring when going to a booksigning?  Here’s a checklist:

Autographed by Author stickers   (optional; not all readers want a sticker on their precious signed book)

Book cover of upcoming release


Book to donate  (optional; for library donation or for a door prize if you’re a guest speaker at a community event)

Box of Books (for when you sell your own; otherwise keep in car trunk in case bookseller doesn’t come through)

Bottle of Water

Business Cards


Camera  (if you want to put pix of your event on website)



Mailing List Sign-up Sheet

“Meet the Author” Poster 

Notices of upcoming appearances at other local events

Sharpie ultra fine point black ink permanent markers

Wheels  (to carry boxes of books when you bring your own; look in luggage store for folding wheels)

What else would you add?



  1. It’s obvious you have lots of experience with this because you seem to have everything covered. Bringing some of your own books and including a book to donate are both great ideas. I donated two of my Blackheath Moor books to the library at last weekend’s event, and they were very happy to get them.

  2. JaxPop said

    Mailing list sign up sheet – that’s a good one. I’ll go for coffee in lieu of bottled water. Also have to bring my skull & bones, & treasure chest filled with “gold” pirate coins. (I write for kids – so I’m playin’ to a different crowd.)

  3. Perfect timing – I’m doing my 8th book signing on Long Run Home today – and I’ve gotten very laid back about it – I hope I remember to show up. I’d better since it’s at Barnes & Noble and they ordered those books. Like JaxPop, don’t need the water thing – never drink it – but the B&N usually provides free coffee or some drink. Bookmarks are great to pass out – mine have six inch skeletons attached with colored eyes since I write Romantic Suspense. I always bring chocolate to give away as well – your idea of keeping extra books in trunk is god – I hope they remembered to order my books! Eek! Thanks for the review – lynn romaine – Long Run Home

  4. Yes, candy attracts customers, although usually kids will grab it rather than adults. Book related giveaways or decorations can add some sizzle. If you have a book trailer, consider bringing a laptop to show it but your device shouldn’t take up much room. Sometimes the table you are assigned is tiny. And if you’re at a community event, you may want to bring a tablecloth.

  5. Here are some tips on how to approach author readings:

  6. These are great ideas from a writer who has a wealth of experience.
    I donated a book to the library too last weekend! I thought it was a good idea.

  7. Donate Car said

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  8. You you could change the page subject title BOOKSIGNING CHECKLIST Nancy's Notes From Florida to more better for your subject you make. I liked the post all the same.

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