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Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on May 13, 2010

When an author stops writing a popular series, readers get disappointed. Some may even get angry at the writer for discontinuing stories they love. Most often, this is not the author’s choice. Usually the axe comes from the publishing house, and like a TV series, there isn’t enough warning to offer a satisfying conclusion. The series might be cut off mid-stream, so to speak. A writer’s only recourse then is to write short stories to keep her characters alive, to shop around for a new publisher for a running series, or to start anew. With a TV show, when it’s over, it is over, except for Stargate SG-1 who finished off a plot thread in a DVD movie.

Now another one of my favorite TV shows has been cancelled, or so the rumors say. LEGEND OF THE SEEKER is on Saturdays in my location, and I record it diligently. I know exactly why I’m hooked on it, too. Like Stargate: SG-1, it   Legend of the Seeker features a band of four heroes. They care about each other, and as a result, the viewer cares about them. These characters grow and change, which is another reason why I follow the show. Did I mention that the two women among them can really kick ass? I love strong heroines, and we sure have them here.

The stories are based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. Watching the episodes inspired me to buy the books. I’m now on volume five of his twelve book saga. My only criticism is that I wish the TV show followed the books more closely. But even evaluated as a separate entity, it’s an engaging show. The characters are courageous, compassionate, and clever. Each person is distinctively drawn, so you feel as though you know them. At the heart is a love story, the driving force behind the series. What’s not to like about that? It makes you cheer these people on so they can defeat the bad guys and be together.     Legend of the Seeker

DISNEY people, listen up. Keep this show on the air! There’s no limit to the story material in Terry Goodkind’s books. ABC STUDIOS, please don’t cancel a popular show. Why not give it a better viewing time instead so more people would know about it?

If you like this show, join the fan campaign to keep it going. If you’re not yet a fan, you can sympathize because probably a show you liked has been cancelled in the past.

Now why won’t readers rally this way to keep an author’s series going? I’ll tell you why. Because the publishers don’t admit to cancelling a series like a TV network does. At least as fans of a TV show we have a chance to make a difference. And Ditto for CHUCK, another one of my favs! I wrote letters to save that show, and see, it worked!



3 Responses to “CANCELLATIONS”

  1. ax20 said

    I feel the need to disagree on one count. A TV show is not finished simply because it is canceled. It can be, but it isn’t always. Buffy and Angel, for example, have both been continued in comic book form. Star Trek, Star Wars (I know, that’s a movie but still), Dark Angel, the X-Files, etc have all been written in book form as extensions of their shows and continue to be produced well after the shows were finished.

    Of course, this series is different because there are already books so fans already have a recourse if they want more. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see a comic book or two.

  2. Linda Pearl said

    So,if a write in campaign was organized to keep Marla around, it would fall on deaf ears? I can bet between here and twiiter, your pals could let the publisher know what a bad mistake they made:(

    Two authors I loved disappeard…Murder on the Beach told me one is now a writer in Hollywood, and the other, also a Sofla writer, just stopped,not sure why.. and I miss her series as well. A shame

  3. Ax20: I understand what you’re saying, but a comic book or novel still isn’t the same to me as watching the actors play out the scenes on TV. Yes, the stories may continue, but it’s a different media.
    Linda: It’s too late for my series at the same publishing house. What you can do is help make noise online so Shear Murder gets picked up. Readers forums, review sites, Amazon and B&N, and such are places to mention the series and buoy the interest in my Bad Hair Day titles. Shear Murder is done and I’m working on other projects now while my agent seeks a home for the tenth Marla book. As for those other Florida authors you like, maybe they’re writing something else now, too. 🙂

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