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Set Your Writing Goals

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on January 2, 2011

This is the time of year when we make New Year’s resolutions. For writers, it’s time to set new goals for the coming year. I suggest separating out your actual writing goals from your business goals. The former deals with these questions: What writing projects do you plan to tackle and in what order? Will you complete a proposal, finish a book, or write a synopsis? Next come your business goals. Which projects do you plan to submit and to whom? Will you enter any contests? When and how will you start promoting your next release? What markets are you targeting?

Some of these may need adjustment as the year goes on. Here is a tally of how I did in 2010:


Revise Warrior Prince. (DONE)

Write proposal for second book in Concierge mystery series. (DONE)

Write Warrior Rogue. (DONE)

Revise Yacht Club mystery proposal. (DONE)

Write synopsis for Silver Serenade sequel.


Set up online file storage: Mozy or Carbonite. (DONE)                   

Download Dropbox to share files among my computers. (DONE)

Design and order bookmarks for Silver Serenade. (DONE)

Schedule interviews and blog tour for Silver Serenade. (DONE)

Find a home for Shear Murder. (DONE)

Start a Twitter account. (DONE)

Index Blog Posts. (DONE)

E-book conversion for Circle of Light, Moonlight Rhapsody, and Starlight Child. (DONE)

E-Book conversion for Keeper of the Rings.

The goals that I did not accomplish go on my list for 2011 along with new ones I’ve added. Again, you should prioritize each item so you go down the list in order. Make your goals attainable and be specific. Also be realistic in your expectations.

My new business goals will include promotion for Shear Murder, due out in January 2012. I’d also like to try something I haven’t done before, such as a chat or a podcast. My writing goals will include doing a synopsis for Warrior Lord, the third book in my paranormal trilogy. And I am still working on updating Keeper of the Rings to make it available for ebook formats. So far I have four writing goals and seven business goals for 2011.

How did you do in 2010, and what do you have planned for 2011?


11 Responses to “Set Your Writing Goals”

  1. C.C.Cole said

    Thanks Nancy!!

  2. You’re welcome, C.C. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow – good for you on achieving so many of your goals! I managed to make most of mine as well. I’ve increased my daily word count goal for 2011 and increased the amount of money I plan to add to my savings.

  4. Those are both solid goals, Wynter. I should add to my daily word count too when I’m on a writing schedule again.

  5. Wow, Nancy, you are very industrious! I didn’t meet all my goals for 2010 but am pleased with the ones I did achieve, given that the year was also full of work and family commitments. Seeing my debut novel, ‘Kincaid’s Call’ published by The Wild Rose Press was so exciting for me. My primary goals for 2011 are to finish my WIP within the first six months of the year, set up a Facebook page and strengthen my blog. I looked at my New Year’s resolutions and the same old notions cropped up: lose weight, get more exercise, eat healthfully so I decided to not set any resolutions for 2011 but to follow Yoda’s mantra of “Do or do not, there is no such thing as try.”
    Good luck for 2011 (you have a great blog).

  6. Congrats on having your first book published, Leigh. It’s good that you met many of your goals and are proud of your accomplishments. Your outline for 2011 sounds very do-able. And ditto for me on the diet and exercise. Plus I want to spend more time with friends and family. These are personal goals. Then there are the household ones, but we won’t go there!

  7. Your goals are very similar to mine. I managed to finish the third book of my series and am ready to firm up my first draft of a new novel.

  8. Good for you, Ilona! I’m only on the synopsis for my third book. It’s always hard to start fresh, isn’t it?

  9. traci hall said

    great job, Nancy – you did amazing!!

  10. Since I won’t have to focus on promotion in the early part of the year (next book is Dec. ’11), my writing goals include developing some new story ideas and experimenting with a new genre or two.

  11. Hey, Allison, would lose to get together for a plotting session!

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