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FRW Cruise Day 3

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on January 27, 2011




DAY 3: Cozumel

Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the morning, we headed for the industry news panel with editors Erika Tsang (Avon), Eric Raab (Tor/Forge), Wanda Ottewell (Harlequin), and Adam Wilson (MIRA and HQ Teen). They said more short fiction and novellas are available in digital formats and it’s a good way to introduce the reader to your characters. Re Romantic Comedy: Hapless heroines are not relatable and slapstick isn’t always believable. Make sure the emotional stakes are high. For marketing purposes, maybe say your work has a lighthearted element rather than calling it romantic comedy. The humor is better when it comes from your voice rather than the situation. Other genres: Thrillers are still popular. Mash-ups are dead. Publishers are addressing the piracy issue with their legal departments but the best overall solution likely will be technology based.


Sally Schoeneweiss followed up with a talk on Effective Promotion in a Competitive Market. Founder of Book Talk and Talk Ink, marketing guru Sally told us that “The big thing is social media and connecting with your readers.” Reader comments are now much more visible so publishers can see how readers respond to an author’s work. Authors are building online communities with their readers. These days, authors have to be self-marketers. As for blogging, blog when you have something to say.

Karen Kendall, the editor/agent conference coordinator, helped writers practice their pitches in small group sessions that followed.

After lunch, we docked in Cozumel but the pier was at the far end, a taxi ride away from town. We got off and strolled around the shops adjacent to the pier. We entered Pacho’s Backyard for a giant Mai Tai ($8.95) and a sampling of Mexican desserts ($5.95) and enjoyed the view of the water. Mona Risk and her husband Sam joined us for a jovial chat. I didn’t take photos here since we’ve been to Cozumel many times before. Dinner on the ship: Roast turkey with accompaniments.


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