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Silver Serenade Review

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on January 30, 2011

The Romance Reviews Top Pick 5 Stars

Silver Serenade: Review by Bridget

Get ready for an epic adventure, as vast as the universe in which it is set! With a touching, love story, a great blend of humor, action and passion and a great cast of characters, this is a book that won’t let you go until the very last page

S.I.N. Agent Silver Malloy has devoted her life to avenging the death of her family by assassinating Tyrone Bluth, the powerful villain responsible. Her plans are foiled, however, by the sudden appearance of Jace Vernon, handsome Ace pilot, former soldier—and a man wanted for the murder of his parents and the unexplained disappearance of his sister. Ever conscious of her duty, Silver arrests Jace, determined to bring him to justice as soon as she succeeds in killing her enemy. However, Jace has been searching for Bluth, too, as he is the only man who can clear Jace’s name. With an interstellar war brewing and the threat of galactic gangs around every turn, Silver and Jace realize that the only way they can find Bluth is to work together–even though succeeding will mean betraying the one person either has ever truly cared for.

I really liked the fact that Silver and Jace were a team. Both came into the story with a very detailed history and definite sets of strengths and weaknesses. Silver is an expert agent, with a lifetime of survival skills honed after the death of her family. However, in order to protect herself, she refuses to let herself admit how deeply she has learned to care for Jace.

Jace is fierce, strong and brave, but has a nasty temper and fears that he may be capable of the violence of which he is accused. However, Silver is the answer to all of his dreams and he finds himself willing to do almost anything in order to win her love. Despite lifetimes spent alone, both characters realize they have to trust each other in order to succeed in their quests. Though the physical attraction between them is immediate, watching this aspect of their relationship develop was really touching.

The universe through which they travel is fantastically detailed. From the enormous cast of characters to the complexities of interstellar politics and diplomacy, I was amazed by the amount of thought and creativity that went into the book. My favorite element was Mixy, Jace’s servant who shares an empathetic connection to him after Jace saved his life. It is through Mixy (and his robes that change color based on Jace’s emotions) that Silver is able to see through Jace’s façade and eventually to form a connection with him, as well. While Mixy’s presence in each character’s mind takes some time to get used to, I found I really missed him by the end of the book.

This story read in many ways like a well-done serial, with our two intrepid travelers journeying from one exotic destination to the next in pursuit of their goals, encountering all kinds of different characters and adventures along the way. Because of this, it was a bit of a slower read than I was expecting, but it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of it. In fact, I enjoyed the scope of the book. It was a treat to have a book I could savor for a while and forget the three feet of snow piling up outside!

Just a note–I have a terrible habit of sneaking peaks at the end of books, which I’ve been trying to quit. For that reason, it wasn’t until nearly the end of the story that I realized there was a substantial glossary at the back of the book, which explained not only the slang used by the characters and various technical terms but also gave a short-hand guide to the meanings of the colors in Mixy’s robes that symbolize emotions. It is extraordinarily helpful, and shows just how much imagination and effort went into the creation of this world.

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