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Flower Power

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on March 2, 2011

We visited Epcot at Disney World this past weekend and I didn’t realize their Flower festival was underway until I noticed displays of topiary art and patterned flower beds in abundance. The landscaping at Disney always amazes me. It’s perfect in every aspect: well-shaped, no bugs, freshly mulched, bright blooms and glossy leaves. I suspect an army of gardeners come out at night to perform maintenance.

P1000793   P1000794

P1000795   P1000796

We saw some truly awesome displays as we strolled to World Showcase and around to lunch at Les Chefs de France. Here, in a white clothed elegant restaurant, we ordered the chicken and mushroom crepe. Let me warn you that these huge portions are big enough to share. Our daughter got the prix fixe menu and started with French onion soup, macaroni baked with special cheeses, and a puff pastry with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.


Well stuffed, we strode around the other end of World Showcase, stopping at one of my favorites attractions, the Maelstrom ride. This ride inspired my paranormal romance series, but more on that another time. We stopped into the Land pavilion further along for another favorite, the Living with the Land ride. I am always astounded by the bountiful fruits and vegetables that they grow in their hydroponic gardens. Why can’t all of our high rise buildings have greenhouses like this on top growing produce, and the patios have plants growing without soil? Giant pumpkins, lemons, pummelos, and papaya amaze the eyes. The tilapia tanks inspired Body Wave, one of my Bad Hair Day mysteries. In this story, my sleuth and hairstylist Marla Shore interviews a suspect who is a tilapia farmer. So this ride has special meaning for me, although I liked it when they played the “Listen to the Land” song that’s been eliminated from the current narration.


Naturally we had to ride Spaceship Earth. Disney tip: Bypass this ride when you enter the park and hit it when you leave. There will be no lines later in the afternoon. We preferred the original version of this attraction, too, but it still has appeal and makes you appreciate how far we’ve come in terms of worldwide communication. Historical dioramas take you from the cavemen days to today’s global Internet network and beyond to the future.


Tired but satisfied, we left for the day. The weather is perfect this time of year and it makes you appreciate the beautiful flowers and landscaping all the more. It’s second to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival for our favorite times to visit. So here’s to flower power (the real blossom type) and to a glorious Spring season ahead.



8 Responses to “Flower Power”

  1. […] Flower Power « Nancy's Notes From Florida The weather is perfect this time of year and it makes you appreciate the beautiful flowers and landscaping all the more. It's second to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival for our favorite times to visit. So here's to flower power (the real . […]

  2. Lynn said

    What beautiful photos. I love EPCOT!!!

  3. I love Epcot, too. We spent the second day at the Animal Kingdom. It’s like walking through a rainforest.

  4. You take the best trips Nancy.

  5. Whoops sorry, I meant to add the flowers are beautiful! I’ve never been there.

  6. You’ve never been to Epcot? You’ll have to find someone to go to Disney with and spend a few days at the different parks.

  7. writerwellness said

    Alert, alert! I’m having state envy. It’s still so cold and overcast here in WV. You are soooo lucky to be in FL. We love Epcot.

  8. Take a winter vacation to Florida. Our weather is beautiful now.

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