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Naples Press Club Conference

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on April 11, 2011

I was fortunate to participate in the Naples Press Club Writer’s Conference in Naples, FL as a guest speaker this past weekend. On Friday, I appeared at the Celebrity Luncheon held at the popular Vergina Restaurant on 5th Avenue South.

Vergina Restaurant

Vergina Restaurant


Fifth Avenue is the center of downtown Naples with trendy boutiques, gift shops, and restaurants with indoor/outdoor seating. After a delicious meal, we transferred across the street to The Inn on Fifth,  the hotel where I was staying. There I gave my talk on “Publishing in a Digital World” to the interested audience, speaking on how being a writer has changed from when I started out in the early 1990’s to now, when everything is going digital, and to where this might lead us in the future. As writers, we have more markets available but we also have tough choices ahead.

The Inn on Fifth

The Inn on Fifth

   Hotel Lobby

Nancy Speaks

 The Audience

The audience

Author Sara Williams on left


Nancy Cohen & Sandy Lender

Nancy Cohen & Sandy Lender

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

 The rest of the day was free unless I chose to attend workshops, but instead my husband and I explored the shops until the cocktail party for the speakers at 6pm. Then we grabbed a bite to eat at the adjacent Irish pub before retiring. The avenue was hopping after dark, with mobs of people dining and shopping (the stores stayed open) or just sitting around watching the goings-on. It’s the liveliest we’ve ever seen a downtown in the evening, but then we don’t usually venture from the suburbs at night.

         Night on Fifth Ave.

Sunday morning, I gave a workshop on “Writing Fiction for Fun and Profit”. I covered the elements of fiction writing as fast as I could in the limited time, supplementing my talk with printed handouts.

We met some lovely folks over the weekend, including YA fantasy author Sandy Lender and mystery author Sara Williams. I was grateful for the chance to chat with friends as well as to revisit downtown Naples. Then we hopped in our car and drove home via Alligator Alley. Didn’t spot any gators this time. They must have been hiding under water.

Dockside in Naples

Dockside in Naples


By the water

By the Water

Now I’m back home for a brief interval, trying to get caught up in work although I have speaking engagements today and tomorrow. I’m on chapter 12 out of 21 on revisions for my WIP, and I am losing track of what’s happened already and what’s to come in the story. See what being away for one day will do? I’ve lost my train of thought.

When I come back next week, I might have to reread the whole first half of the book to get my head immersed in the story again, but by then I’ll be ready and will have time to focus. This is a good month to travel in Florida because although it’s already hot and humid, the rainy season doesn’t usually start until May or June. And then we have to stock up on emergency supplies for potential hurricanes. I’d like to finish this book before the storms begin.


5 Responses to “Naples Press Club Conference”

  1. What a whirlwind of a weekend! Nancy, it was a delight to meet you and to hear your publishing stories at the keynote presentation. Even though I had to run around during your writing presentation Sunday morning, the bits I caught “triggered” the writer in me. I feel lifted up as a writer for having learned from you and hope to meet up with you at another conference soon! We’ll have more pictures and info from your participation at the conference site at all this week! Stop by and visit us as you can.

    Sandy Lender
    “Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

  2. Good show Nancy! Wish I coulda been there!!!

  3. Thanks again, Sandy, for inviting me and for making me feel so special. And thanks, Mary. You would have had a good time!

  4. Linda said

    What an interesting trip. The Inn and the saucy boutiques look fabulous. The stores alone would have my head in the clouds-I’d be like, “What work?”
    I wish I could attend a conference but I live to far away. They look very inspirational!

  5. I particularly liked the store “The Best of Everything” which has inexpensive but quality jewelry and accessories. Linda, look for local conferences and workshops so you can connect with other writers but don’t have to go far.

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