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Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on August 12, 2011

My husband and I are Disney addicts. Every so often, we have to get our fix of Mickey Mouse or Living with the Land ride or Star Tours at Walt Disney World. This past weekend, we visited the Magic Kingdom and turned right past Main Street toward Tomorrowland. We headed to our favorite attraction, the Carousel of Progress.

I suspect this is the oldest attraction in the park, originally appearing in the old World’s Fair. The revolving showroom takes you on a twenty minute experience into the past, beginning in the early 1900’s, to look at man’s progress over time. I love how the people of each era thought their time was the best. Family dynamics change along with technology until we reach the modern age and beyond.

Also in Tomorrowland, we boarded the People Mover, a sedate ride on an open-air tram. It whisks you around an elevated track so you get a glimpse of the various pavilions to visit later.

You can have the thrill rides; we’ve done them all and don’t need to experience them again.

Over by Fantasyland, past the race cars, we stopped opposite the old-fashioned carousel to view the placards announcing upcoming additions. I’m excited for the new changes! Here’s what to expect:

Map of Fantasyland Additions

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Castle under construction

Mural Showing Changes

Another view of construction area

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Tales with Belle

I can’t wait to try the new restaurant when it opens.

Oops, then it started to rain and we left. We didn’t get to go into the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean or any of the other attractions we like. But we have annual passes, so we can easily return.

Are you a Disney fan? What’s your favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom?


4 Responses to “Disney’s Magic Kingdom”

  1. The Haunted House is my favorite! The dancing ghosts are so elegant, lol. And like you, I love riding the tram, it’s sooo relaxing. The last time we went – it’s been a while now – I worked up the nerve to try Space Mountain. And I’m glad I did. I had a blast on it and didn’t get dizzy. Any idea when the new construction will be finished?

  2. The construction has a long way to go, from the looks of it. Nowhere near to finishing. We’ve been on Space Mountain. Once was enough! I’m not a roller coaster fan.

  3. Jody Webb-Goldman said

    Hi Nancy, I had to coment…I’m Jody Web-Goldman, a member of FRW. I first brought my family the second week it opened.; (at that time, you bought special book of
    tickets. The ‘C’ ticket entitled you to the best adventures… Actually, we loved them all. We drove, most of the time in driving ran (for some reason, it always rained
    each time we went, never figured that out. We went at least once a month…First my children, three daughters, and now my seven grandchildren still love the
    ‘Magic Kingdom’ and all it offers. When I was cleaning, trying to rid myself of litter, I found two half used books and it brought back great memories. One of
    my daughters, Caroline Betsy and her husband Anthony, moved to Orlando and guess what… they of course have Season tickets and go as often as possible.
    Actually my twin granddaughters grew up in Disney, well almost. My favorite was the Haunted Mansion…It’s still as wonderful as ever. I went on Space Mountain
    once and that was enough… Thanks for the update and a reason to remember old memories…Jody

  4. Jody, I remember those old ticket books. We went in those days, too. It’s much better now with one admission price. We like the Haunted Mansion, plus Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, and I also like to explore Tom Sawyer Island when the weather’s a bit cooler. There’s a lot to do, or just strolling around is so pleasant. We still have some of the CDs with theme park music that they don’t play anymore. I bought a scrapbook album at Disney and have been grouping all our photos from there so I can put them in one place. It must be fun to go with grandchildren.

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