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Wicked Women Whodunit Release Day!

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on November 1, 2011

Today is the Release Day for the paperback and Kindle editions of “Wicked” Women Whodunit. To celebrate this month and to gear up for the holidays, check out my new contests with opportunities for you to win great prizes. Click the Contest tab above for more details.

WICKED” WOMEN WHODUNIT, A Kensington Brava Anthology (Reissue)            Wicked Women Whodunit
MaryJanice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Jennifer Apodaca, Nancy J. Cohen
Mass Market 978-0-7582-1027-2 $6.99 Nov. 1, 2011
Kindle ASIN: B005UVVR2E $4.79
Trade PB 978-0-7582-1026-5 $14.00 March 2005


“Three Men and a Body” Novella by Nancy J. Cohen

Reality show contestant Heather Payne’s assignment is simple: get a bed-and-breakfast in Winter Park up and running within seven days. It sounds like a piece of cake, until she meets the other cutthroat contestants, including the gorgeous Rex Gerard. He may be all business on the show, but in the B&B’s wine cellar, he is only interested in Heather’s pleasure. But someone wants to win at all costs, and when “accidents” start plaguing the show, Heather is afraid she may be sleeping with the enemy.

“These four amusing amateur sleuth romances are well written fine novellas starring wonderfully “wicked” women solving a murder mystery while finding the right hunk.” Harriet Klausner,

“With the reality show backdrop, there are plenty of suspects and backstabbing to go around. Rex is a charming Alpha flirt, and Heather is a genuinely nice person who wants everyone to succeed.” Wendy Crutcher, The Romance Reader

“Nancy J. Cohen’s Three Men and a Body brings together reality show contestants cooperatively competing to win a bed‑and‑breakfast in Winter Park, Florida. They have seven days to get the place up‑and‑running, all the while being mercilessly videotaped and broadcast on television. Those of us who have read Nancy’s Bad Hair Day series know we can count on her to provide a suspenseful mystery with intriguing characters. The addition of more romance to the mix sweetens the tale.” Stephanie Saxon Levine, Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

“A steamy, fun read…the interaction between the characters is fascinating and gives a whole new meaning to Reality TV…“WICKED” WOMEN WHODUNIT is a great anthology with just the right mixes of romance and mystery to make anyone happy.” Wendy Keel, Romance Readers Connection

“Nancy J Cohen has a created a fast-paced mystery filled with sexual desire and intriguing characters. This whodunit story will engage your senses and keep you guessing all the way through. I love Ms. Cohen’s writing style, and she will always be one of my favorite mystery authors.” BJ Deese, Romance Junkies

“I enjoyed this story about a reality show, especially being a reality show junkie myself. The characters were true to the reality‑show feel. I was almost sorry to see this story end. I hope that Ms. Cohen writes more stories like this.” Fallen Angel Reviews


2 Responses to “Wicked Women Whodunit Release Day!”

  1. Jacqueline Seewald said


    Congrats on this great new publication!

  2. Thanks so much, Jackie!

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