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Silver Serenade Excerpt

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on November 22, 2011

Excerpt from Silver Serenade by Nancy J. Cohen

As the tram tilted into the air and zoomed toward the rooftops, something fell to the floor.

“Look,” Silver said, “that guy forgot his package.”

Jace gave her a startled glance, and she knew at once what he was thinking even before she felt the impact of his fear.

“Stop this thing.” She leapt to her feet. The sky tilted outside the windows as they careened to a new heading.

She credited Frok for quick thinking. Jumping up, he yanked an overhead pulley. The sudden stop made them crash into each other. Jace’s hand helped steady her.

“Quick, open the doors,” Jace urged.

With Frok’s assistance, he forced them wide enough to squeeze through while the tram hovered above a tall building.

“What’s wrong?” Kira looked to Silver for guidance.

“Bomb.” She couldn’t get another word past her dry throat.

Jace stood aside to let the others pass. “We have to jump. Aim for that roof. We should be able to make it. Hurry.”

Silver snapped open her utility belt. “I have a tensile line. Let me—” Her words died on her tongue as Jace snatched her and tossed her out the open door.

“Drop and roll,” he yelled as air vacuumed from her lungs and wind blinded her eyes.

A tremendous explosion rent the sky. Shattering noise hit her ears, then a concussive blast slammed her onto the roof. Her side impacted, sending shooting pains through her shoulder. Her teeth jarred, and then she lay still, too stunned to move.

Cries for help returned her to full awareness. She lifted her head, scanning the rooftop.

The view didn’t look good.

Burning debris sizzled and smoked among a couple of dead bodies. Elusians, from the remnants of their robes. Oh God.

Where was Jace? Dragging herself along the surface and realizing its artificial turf had softened her fall, she reached for him mentally. A consciousness touched her, but not his.

Was he dead?




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