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Author Nancy J. Cohen discusses the writing process and life as a Florida resident.

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Bonita Springs, FL

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on March 25, 2012

En route to a luncheon with the Friends of Bonita Springs Library, we crossed Alligator Alley which runs between the western border of Fort Lauderdale and Naples, FL. Unlike other times, I didn’t spot a single gator. Maybe it was because the water level was high or the weather was warm, but they must have been underwater. On one previous excursion, I’d counted over 20 gators one-way.

The sea of wheat-brown sawgrass extended as far as the eye can see. Birds were plentiful. After a half hour into the ride, the scrub brush increased as we obtained higher ground into the cypress preserve. It takes ninety minutes to reach the other side. Here we exited I-75 north at exit 116 and headed west to Route 41 or the Tamiami Trail. A quick turn north brought us to the lovely country club where the luncheon was held. Manicured lawns, colorful flowers, and graceful palms made a lush setting.

I enjoyed meeting the ladies from the library group, nearly ninety people. We ate a delicious lunch and then I gave my talk. This consisted of an overview of my Bad Hair Day mystery series, the life of working writer, and the state of publishing today. After quoting some statistics about the rise of ebooks and the decline of mass market paperbacks, I discussed the effects of the digital revolution on booksellers, librarians, readers, and authors. Following my speech, I signed books and thanked the organizers for inviting me.



From here, my husband and I checked into the Bonita Bay Trianon Hotel. Located next to the Promenade outdoor shopping center, this elegant four-story hotel has an attractive lobby and an adjacent lakeside restaurant. We unloaded our luggage and then strolled through the shopping center which, although beautifully designed and with upscale stores, was deadsville.

Coconut Point, a bit north on Rt. 41, was more lively. An outdoor shopping center, it boasts many interesting shops and restaurants as well as standard stores you see everywhere. After walking around here, we were hot and tired and retreated to our hotel.

We dined at the Lake House Bar and Grill. The food was tasty and we sipped our chardonnay while admiring the tranquil lake view. Our hotel room was spacious, the bathroom even larger than our master bath at home with a stall shower and a tub.



Tomorrow: Naples Zoo and More!


4 Responses to “Bonita Springs, FL”

  1. Betsy said

    I liked the part where you thanked the organizers and your readers. I went to two book signings recently where the writer didn’t offer a word of appreciation for reading his books. Boo on him. Then, I went to a book signing by a NYT best-selling author, who took time with each of us to make a personal comment, personalized the book, pose for pictures and thank us each for being a supportive fan. All of that in about two minutes per person. Guess whose next books I’ll buy.

    Thank you for acknowledging your readers loyal support. It means more than you can imagine.

  2. Betsy, my readers are my inspiration and support. Without fans asking for my next Marla book, I would not have finished Shear Murder. It is deeply gratifying to hear from readers and know that my words have taken them from their troubles or provided a few hours of escape. You’re the reason why I write.

  3. Nancy you never cease to amaze me. You are the most professional author I have ever met. You make it look so easy when I know how hard you really work to brand yourself. And you are such an inspiration with your success. Add the fact that you are a wonderful person and I think you have the total package. We could all learn from you. I know I do!

  4. Mary, you are so sweet. And I’d like to do a Roast and Toast again on your blog site when my new paranormal comes out. I’ll let you know when I have a pub date.

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