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Scary Event

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on May 22, 2012

I just had the experience of receiving a Warning on my Dashboard about content. Afraid it might be due to my latest post, a contest giveaway, I tried to delete it. Nothing happened. Panicking, I contacted Support and asked what I’d done wrong. I could only guess that it might have been that contest notice. Here’s the link if you want a chance to win a signed copy of Killer Knots, among other prizes:  I am not posting the whole notice again.

WordPress doesn’t have a customer service number to contact. You have to fill out a form and hope someone responds, which they must have done since you’re seeing this. The warning just as suddenly disappeared. I may yet get a response as to why it happened. I had no intention to violate any rules and have been a valued blogger here for quite a while. But what’s scary is how easily your online life can be disrupted.

Fortunately, I keep a copy of all my blogs in my files. But I’d urge you to also sign up for my newsletter via my website so that you’re on my mailing list. I back that up from Vertical Response and my lists get backed up to Mozy and Dropbox, so we’d have less chance of losing contact should, say, my blog get suspended or my website vanish. Let’s not lose contact, because keeping in touch with you is why I write this blog. And let’s hope this default never happens again. Whew, I’m glad to be back to posting!


3 Responses to “Scary Event”

  1. Evidently my site got tagged by anti-spam controls. Probably the latest post about the SmartySaver contest must have done it. Thank goodness that issue got resolved!

  2. It is scary, Nancy. I used to be a certified Zumba instructor and I wrote articles on eHow. I wrote one that was fairly popular about how to zumba, and after more than 6 months (not sure how long), they deleted it, saying that it didn’t say “how” and one of their own in-house ‘editors” wrote one that didn’t say anything. Later, they went and deleted all the articles. I wasn’t writing for them regularly (hadn’t written for them in over a year or so at that time), and they did send notices, but I wasn’t monitoring the email box anymore either. Since eHow still exists, I don’t understand why they deleted everything. I guess they found it less time-consuming to throw out the good with the bad (as my grandmother would say, the baby with the bath water) in order to get rid of those articles which were not very well written. Unfortunately, this is several computers ago, so I’m not sure where I have my articles, if I have my articles even. I was living with a fiance at the time and these were mostly on his computer because it was set up for pictures (he wrote for magazines and often sent in pics). I mostly miss being able to provide a url to some of my for-pay articles when I send out a resume. Still, resumes aren’t needed for fiction (tho it doesn’t hurt to have something to show). Glad you have back-ups of all your stuff. I need organization for all of my writing life, i.e., a room of its own 🙂

    • I’m sorry to hear of your computer troubles. Your story just brings home the need for backups of any articles or blogs we post online. I compose mine in Word first before copying them over. But what’s unnerving is how we’re at the mercy of unseen individuals, esp. when these things are important for our business connections.

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