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Author Nancy J. Cohen discusses the writing process and life as a Florida resident.

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News from Nancy

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on June 25, 2012

I’m happy to announce that I’ve sold Warrior Rogue, the second book in my upcoming paranormal romance series, to The Wild Rose Press. The first book in the Drift Lords series, Warrior Prince, debuts on Sept. 21 in print and digital formats. The book trailer is available now if you want a sneak peek:

Meanwhile, I’ve made a few minor changes as per my editor on book number two. These took me one day to do, and now I’m waiting for the line by line edits. My editor is really sharp and picks up things I miss, like a day of the week being inconsistent or repetitions of backstory. So I am always grateful for her input that makes my book stronger.

I love the epic adventure of this series, the Norse mythology, and the inclusion of magical elements. It’s the first time I’ve delved into the realm of fantasy in a modern day setting, so I hope you’ll follow me along on this new journey. Check out my vision board on Pinterest to see some of the images for this story.

Once again, the action takes place in Florida. What can I say? I love writing about this diverse state. But it doesn’t stay there. In Warrior Rogue, the tale begins in Tokyo and moves to Hong Kong, New York, and Palm Beach. I’m busy planning contests and more to keep you excited about the series debut.

The weather has been gloomy for South Florida, with overcast skies and occasional heavy showers as Tropical Storm Debby lingers in the area. But rainy days are good for staying home and getting work done, at least for those of us without day jobs. In between working on my paranormal series, I’m writing my next Bad Hair Day mystery. Today brought me up to page 95. I’ll keep my steady pace of 5 pages a day for 5 days a week until summoned to work on Warrior Rogue again.


What do you like to do on a rainy day—get things accomplished at home; or read, watch TV, and cruise the Web?


20 Responses to “News from Nancy”

  1. On this particular stormy morning, I’m preparing to take my 90yr old FIL to a doctor’s appt. and also to get his hearing aide fixed. Then back to the house to do some reviews. All in all a very average day. LOL

  2. Here’s the link for my post of the trailer and release date.

  3. Betsy said

    So excited for your new sale. I love it when writer friends share great news.

    What do I do on a rainy day? Write until the muse is satisfied, then go for a long walk. Unless the rain is a deluge. Love rainy walks. Clears the head while the atmosphere gets a bath.

  4. Dawn said

    CONGRATS Nancy!!

  5. Congratulations Nancy! On rainy days, of which we have too many in the Pacific Northwest, I go to Texas.

  6. What beautiful style, Nancy. Congratulations! Paranormanal Romance. Love it.
    Hope to see you in the near future.

  7. dianeokey said

    Love your post–and the trailer’s beautiful! Have been thinking of doing one for my book but have no idea of where/how to acquire images or cost.
    Any help would be appreciated…when you have a spare minute LOL

    • Diane, I’ve already written a blog on How To Do Your Own Book Trailer. I will email it to you privately. I like for the images and for the music. Those are my only costs. I do it with Windows Movie Maker.

  8. Coco, you’re so sweet!

  9. Jeanne Meeks - said

    Love the trailer! If it were raining here in Illinois, I’d work on my novel or clean a closet (so I told my husband), but it’s gorgeous outside. I planted flowers.

  10. Maureen said

    Congratulations, that is terrific news – for us as well as you! Looking forward to it and to more books from you in all your series!

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