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How Can Readers Help Authors?

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on August 31, 2012

If you’re an avid reader, no doubt you’d like to encourage your favorite authors to keep writing. What can you, as a consumer, do for the writer who bares her soul to you in each story? Beyond buying her latest title, is there more?

You betcha! Here are some things you can do on your end that will be appreciated.

Write customer reviews of author’s books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Shelfari, and Library Thing.

Add author’s book to your Wish List on Amazon.                           books2

Search for author’s website, author name, and book titles periodically to raise their rank in search engines.

Bookmark or add to Favorites the author’s online sites.

Like author’s Facebook page; Share and comment on her Facebook posts.

Retweet author’s Twitter updates; Mention author and her books on Twitter.

Like and Tag author’s Amazon author page as well as each book title and edition.

Share author’s newsletter with your friends.

Recommend author’s books online on various reader forums.

Create a Listmania list on Amazon and add author’s books.

Look for good reviews of author’s book and click Yes to “Was this review helpful to you?”

Follow author’s blog tours and leave comments.

Repin author’s photos on Pinterest. Go to online bookseller and Pin author’s book covers into one of your albums.

Offer to hand out bookmarks for author.

Initiate a Street Team of fans to spread the word about author’s works.

If you live in the same region, suggest the author as a speaker to various groups.

Buy the author’s latest book or ask your librarian to order it and put your name on the wait list.


Anything you can do will help, especially in this era of viral content. Word of mouth still has the most clout. So share your pleasure in the author’s writing and make her job easier so she can concentrate on writing the next book.

52 Responses to “How Can Readers Help Authors?”

  1. So true, Nancy … nothing makes my day more than an email from a reader, or see comments on my blog, Facebook page, Google+ or twitter.


  2. Maureen said

    Thank you so much for this list Nancy. As an avid reader I would like to do what I can to help my favorite authors (you included of course!) but I don’t always know how to help. This is a concrete list of things I can do and it helps me to feel like I am giving back in some way.

  3. What a fabulous list, Nancy. I will share this all around, and as a reader-writer, will try to do more of it myself!

  4. This is a great list, Nancy. I’m going to share it around. Thanks so much.

  5. Excellent list, Nancy! I wish all readers would do this! I’m also going to share it!

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. My friends and I do a lot of the but appreciate all the suggestions. Love our Authors!!!!

  7. Avis Exley said

    Loved this article and have shared it on Facebook and my own blog.


  9. Nancy, thanks for taking the time and writing such an awesome post. I shared. ♥

  10. I’m sending this to everyone I know. Thanks, Nancy.

  11. You say, “bareing her soul and buy her latest. What about “their” As a male writer I felt left out. I would never do that. I always include both genders and have both men and women review my books. But that’s just me.

  12. Nancy, this is a great list! Would you consider letting us writers excerpt a few suggestions on our websites, of course crediting you for compiling it, and linking to your website/blog? I agree, I’ve chatted with lots of readers who would like to spread the love but sometimes don’t feel comfortable doing so. This sort of gives permission, LOL. ~Diane

  13. Reblogged this on Ella Quinn ~ Author and commented:
    I thought this was worth reblogging. Let me know if you agree.

  14. Lindsay said

    Reblogged this on Murders and Mysteries.

  15. Lindsay said

    I reblogged this to mine. This is all great information and will also tweet it.

  16. Sadly people have more a tendency to “talk” about things they don’t like…………………….We need to start spreading the Good News! and that includes say “Way to Go”! to our favorite authors! Am reblogging this now on and on my Facebook and Google pages too!

  17. Great suggestions. Authors, who typically are voracious readers, should also be very aware of these ways to spread the word and help each other out.

  18. Great list. Thanks so much for putting this all together in one place. I try my best to do as many of these things as I can for the author’s whose books I enjoy.

  19. Lisa Rayns said

    Great post. Tweeted, wanted to tell you Warrior Prince looks fantastic!

  20. gaele1 said

    as one who is reviewing as a “more than full time” job – I can agree. I review what I buy – I buy those I like (because review copies should be and are removed from my library when I’m done). But – I also would like to put a plug in for those of us who review – many who review multiple books for multiple tours without recompense..BECAUSE we LOVE books – and there is nothing better than helping YOU get the word out about your book. When I review a book – I tweet – I post to FB – I get the word out. I also try to get all of your “information” from photo and bio to how to stalk you on the web – making it easy for your web presence (and your work) to be found.
    But – I am an army of one. If you are aware I’m promoting your book, it helps me if you also put it out there – share my tweet, visit the blog – even tweet the review location ..encourage people to follow. Because that helps out ALL the authors.. the more buzz you help generate (and please – I do know that you are swamped just like we are ) the better response you get. There is nothing better that I’ve gotten than a thank you from an author – where they have mentioned me on twitter and encouraged people to come read. We often have vastly divergent audiences and followers – getting people into one large loop cannot hurt – on either end.

  21. Thanks for this post!!! As an author, I appreciate it so much when readers do these things, but most don’t know how much it would help. I posted this on FB and Twitter–a great way to show readers how to help without being pushy. Thank you!
    Kimberly Rae

  22. Very good post, Nancy! It takes time to post a review to Amazon, etc. and I so appreciate it when a reader does (even the negative ones LOL). Bless every one of my Twitter and Facebook page followers, too. I try to follow back every one!

  23. Jacqueline Seewald said

    An excellent list, Nancy! I hope lots of readers are paying attention. I would be very grateful if those who read my novels and like them would put a review on Amazon or B&N or Goodreads. I don’t expect readers to buy my hardcovers, but requesting them at the local library would certainly be helpful!

    Jacqueline Seewald

  24. Excellent list, Nancy. Readers really respond on Goodreads. I appreciate the time anyone takes to drop a line.

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