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Goals Met

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! It’s traditional on this day to revisit what’s been accomplished over the past twelve months. So I dug up my goal list from this time last year to see what actually got done. Here we go:


Finish Peril by Ponytail, #12 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries. (DONE; Turned in, edits finished, book is scheduled for release in October 2015)

Do edits for Warrior Lord, #3 in the Drift Lords series, when I get them from my editor. Read through the page proofs until this project is complete and in production. (DONE; Book Released August 2014)


Complete edits on Murder at Your Service, an original mystery that I plan to indie publish. (NOT DONE; put this project on the back burner.)



Implement marketing plan for Hanging By A Hair, #11 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries, due out in April. (DONE)

HangingbyaHair (518x800)

Complete legal preparation for indie publishing venture by the end of January (DONE). Hire book cover designer and book formatter (DONE).


Publish Writing the Cozy Mystery in time for SleuthFest at the end of February. (DONE).


Design marketing plan for Warrior Lord (DONE).

Begin prep work for Thumbs Up, my father’s travel memoir, a true adventure of his cross-country hitchhiking journey in 1929. (DONE AND PUBLISHED).

Thumbs Up

So it appears I’ve accomplished all but one of my goals. I had two works of fiction and two works of nonfiction published in 2014. That’s quite enough, since launch parties and promo took up the rest of the time. In fact, that’s more than what I hope to do in 2015. In another post, I’ll share my new goals for the coming year.

How about you? Did you get done all you set out to do?



2 Responses to “Goals Met”

  1. Gwyn Huff-Author said

    Reblogged this on Gwyn Huff-Author and commented:
    My Mom always read Agatha Christie novels, and I could never get into them. Then I read a Stephanie Plum Novel, and shortly after, I saw a movie based on the same character. Stephanie Plum. I realized I liked Stephanie Plum-the character a lot.
    Anyway, the book, Writing the Cozy Mystery by Nancy J Cohen–turned on a whole set of “lights” on in my creative brain. I can’t wait to read the “A Bad Hair Day Mysteries” by Nancy J Cohen.

    If you are a writer, don’t miss “Writing the Cozy Mystery”. I know about the structure of writing, but it was “Writing the Cozy Mystery’ that connected all the “switches”.
    Thanks, Nancy J Cohen! 3.75/5 stars for Writing the Cozy Mystery.
    I’m pretty tough on my ratings; my four and five shelves have very few books on them. Bravo! Bravo! Excellent book. I can’t wait to get the paper copy from Amazon. Now, I’m going to read my first of the “Bad Hair Day Mysteries”. I don’t think “cozy mystery” conveys the real deal–the protagonist has to be someone the reader wants to get to know about her personal life while she solves murders! Thanks, Nancy J. Cohen!

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