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Permed To Death (Bad Hair Day Mystery #1) by Nancy J. Cohen

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on July 27, 2016

I’m thrilled with this Review of Permed to Death Audiobook on Murder, Mystery, and More by Ian Hughes.

Murder, Mystery & More...

njc permed

Authors audio copy in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you Nancy.

Narrated by Mary Ann Jacobs

First in The Bad Hair Day Mystery series.

Whoever thought having your hair done, could be murder!

And Marla Shore is having a really bad hair day, when old Mrs. Kravitz’s croaks in her salons shampoo chair.

Sassy Marla, finds that the very sexy Detective Dalton Vail seem to suspect her of doing the old lady in.  So Marla need to discover who really done it!  Having to wade through all the secrets and lies, isn’t going to be easy…especially as Marla has a secret that she doesn’t want revealed!

Marla finds that not everything is Cut ‘n’ Dyed!

This is a very good and funny mystery, well written, plotted.  And well narrated by Mary Ann.

5 Stars*****


Sassy salon owner Marla Shore is giving grumpy Mrs. Kravitz a perm when the old lady…

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