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Morikami Japanese Gardens

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on May 28, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Recently we spent a delightful afternoon at Morikami Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach. This attraction is best visited in Spring or Fall or during winter months when humidity is low and temperatures are comfortable. Starting at the central building, we strolled through the grounds where there’s much to admire. I love the foliage that shades the path and provides lots of photo ops around a lake. Hedges shaped like a hill and a bamboo section are artistry in nature.

P1020367 (800x600)   P1020366 (800x600)

P1020368 (800x600)  P1020370 (800x600)

Stone lanterns abound as do Japanese serenity gardens with raked pebbles. If you’re curious about the park’s founders, you can view the memorial gravestones erected in their honor. Various festivals take place at Morikami throughout the year.

P1020371 (800x600)  P1020373 (800x600)

The museum house showcases life in a typical household. Nearby is a bonsai plant display and a pool from a waterfall where large fish gravitate along with turtles.

P1020374 (800x600)  P1020375 (800x600)

P1020377 (800x600)  P1020379 (800x600)

P1020378 (800x600)  P1020372 (800x600)

Hungry from our walk, we headed back to the main building and the restaurant situated there overlooking the lake. We sat outside and enjoyed the view while indulging in the bounteous Bento lunch box and iced green tea. This meal is worth the trip alone.

P1020388 (800x600)  P1020389 (800x600)

Be aware the park is closed on Mondays and there is an admission fee.


10 Responses to “Morikami Japanese Gardens”

  1. Nancy Ann Gazo said

    I love Morikami! Been to several Hatsume Fairs, and guests from out of town are always impressed with the tranquil beauty. Want to go again soon!

  2. Morikami is a beautiful place and I always take guests there. I’ve been a member for years, and they send you free passes. Always nice to walk through the gardens.

  3. I love it there, too. Haven’t been in a couple of years but I really do need to get back. So calming and makes for such an enjoyable day.

  4. Nancy, I LOVE Morikami Gardens! I bought a long silk jacket there made with parts of old kimonos. Wish I had more opportunities to wear it.

  5. We love Morikami, and are members, so we go there as often as possible! Thank you for this great article, which does justice to the bounty that Morikami offers. One of my favorite spots is the bamboo stand, where one can sit and listen as the bamboo trees “talk” to each other when the breeze moves them.

    • The bamboo creaks if you listen. I like looking at the details, like fences or railings made from natural materials. Bamboo must have a lot of uses. If I’m thinking correctly, in the Caribbean are stores that sell clothing made from bamboo.

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